Let’s work together to hatch your ideas
and bring your brand to life!

Looksee Design offers a range of design services. Together: we will create a suite of elements that bring your brand identity to life.

Guided by consistent fonts, colour schemes and styling, your personal collection of brand goodness may include a logo, corporate stationery, website, social media templates, brochure, signage options and more.

Logo Design, Brand Development, Identity Design, Corporate ID, Icon Design, Rebranding, Brand Audits, Brand Strategy, Style/Brand Guidelines, Magazines and Newsletters, Brochures and Catalogues, Business Cards and Stationery, Loyalty Cards, Restaurant Menus, Gift Vouchers, Invitations, Flyers, Postcards, Annual Reports, Point of Sale Displays, Posters, Signage Design, Books, Banners, Greeting Card, Calendars, Any Type of Publication, Product Packaging, Swing Tags, Labels, Web Banners, Website Design, Social Media Post Templates, Social Media Banners and so much more.

Logo Design and

Brand Development


Your brand represents you- so own it! It is what your clients connect with, and often how they remember you. The visual representation of your brand, including your logo and other elements that make up your brand are especially important; they are so much more than a pretty picture, as they exist to deliver your message to your audience as best they can.

Branding is what sets you apart from your competitors; it should represent you, your business, services, products and values.

The best brands make an emotional connection to their audience, are stimulating, and above all are consistent across all advertising platforms.

Branding and logo design is what I love the most- there is nothing that gives me more of a thrill than seeing a brand come to life the way you’ve been dreaming!

Graphic Design

Like branding, printed collateral is an important inclusion in your marketing strategy and should be considered one of your most valuable methods of communication.

From business stationery like brochures and annual reports right through to catalogues, it comes together to portray your brand’s core message.

Although we are in a world that is very much online now and information is easy, fast and cheap to access with a quick scroll, people still love the solidity of holding a brochure or magazine in their hands.

They love being able to keep information in their bag or pocket when traveling, and having something to pass around and show to others,

Along with branding, this is my passion and I truly know what works.


Product Packaging Design


They say don’t judge a book (or wine!) (or candle!) (or set of cutlery!) by its cover- but I have to admit I do, and a whole lot of other people do too!

As we move through life we are bombarded by images all the time – and the good ones scream to our subconscious ‘look at me, pick me up, learn more about me!’

Looksee Design specialises in creating strategic packaging design and can help you deliver your brand’s values and aims via on-point packaging, whatever your product is.

Websites, Digital and Social Media

You want a website that will deliver your brand’s message, and demand your audience’s attention.

It needs to engage your customers (both current and potential) and get them itching to find out more about your product or service.

Looksee Design works with a number of kick-ass developers to ensure your brand’s consistency is never ever lacking.

Need creative (but engaging) social media post templates? I can do that too.


Designer Support

Is that To Do list never ending?

If there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day or you’re totally booked but don’t want to turn clients away, get in touch! I love collaborating with designers, and doing so enables you to retain your client and hire me offsite by the day, hour or per project.

I can help with brainstorming and conceptual visuals, and complete projects from start to finish.


Additional Services

If you need help with copywriters, photographers, SEO or printing, I can open up my little black book and get the best of the best onto your project or startup.


Get in touch…I’d love to hear all about your ideas.